The planner behind the plan



Weddings are not simple produced, they are nurtured. From start to finish I will conceptualize your vision and bring it to life. I want to alleviate stress so you two can fully enjoy your day with your loved ones.  Planning a wedding should be joyful and fun. My mission is to provide the support you both need throughout your even



My professionalism, attention to detail, prompt communication and unique ideas brings value beyond comparison to each event I plan and produce. 



Whether modern or traditional, creative or adventurous, the day is about you and your love. I will work hard to bring your vision to life and help to create the day you've always dreamed of. 



  I love love. I’m a hopeless romantic who loves to see other souls crash into each other and take that lifelong commitment to choose each other. But not just that, I love being a planner. It’s who I am by nature and profession. I love walking into a blank space and watching the magic unfold. I love how the kitchen smells as the menu starts coming together. I love the energy of the staff as everyone works to create a flawless event. I love how perfect it all turns out even when there are some unperfect moments. 



With over 16 years of event planning experience, I have the qualifications of time and experience supporting all my decisions and advise.  I've planned and produced over 500 events, small intimate dinners to large galas. My background is in Culinary Arts. I have a strong catering and kitchen background which allows me to bring a unique perspective to each event I produce. 



Planner, Wife, Mom, Bulldog Lover. Avid coffee drinker and lover of all things corny.  When I'm not planning events, I'm homeschooling my Dino loving 6 year old, throwing the ball for my bulldog and bumping heads in the kitchen with my hubby,